Sagrada Corazon Mission Church


The Sagrada Corazon Mission Church is located 30 miles south of Grand Canyon at Valle, Arizona. It was founded through the initiatives of the community, who wanted to nourish their Catholic faith through their own cultural upbringing as Hispanic Catholic. Our Celebration is bilingual to accommodate the non-hispanic congregation. 

This community is very much alive even in the midst of their poverty. Their unity as one family of God is their strong asset as seen by their initiative to improve their own chapel even without the encouragement of the pastor. The makeshift chapel continues to improve through salvage materials they found along the garbage. Different furnitures that are discarded from the different hotels found their usefulness in this humble chapel.

Their celebrations especially on the feastday of Sacred Heart and of Our Lady of Guadalupe are characterized by festive and colorful adornment of the small chapel. Traditional singing (mananita) and dancing (Native Indian dances) are always part of their devotion to honor their beloved Lady of Guadalupe. Their fiesta is not complete without the Native food of Mexican delicacies. 

Right now the community is raising money in preparation to build their new church with a proper insulation, plumbing, restrooms & a sacristy.  

Help us build our mission. send your check donations to el cristo rey catholic church and on the memo write "mission church."